We (Matt & Max) would like to welcome you to Taster’s Table Club or as we like to call it TTC 3.0.

This is not just some run of the mill dinner club where we invite you into our house and cook some fancy meal. We aim to build a community that explores the Austin restaurant scene through our dining experiences.

To be honest, we started the Taster’s Table Club because we were sick of going out and trying restaurants with just the two of us and telling the waiter, “Hey, we have never been here before and we want to try a bunch of things, can you just order for us?” While this tactic proved to be a great way of getting to know the restaurant’s offerings, it was simultaneously crippling our bank accounts. At the same time, we saw our food blogger friends getting this same experience for free! It became our mission to create these experiences and offer them to our members without having to spend an arm and a leg.

We have been perfecting the Taster’s Table Club membership model for 2 years, but the dining experiences have always been what people have loved.

With TTC 3.0, you will be able to pick and choose which months and dinners you want to be a part of and even if you don’t make it to a dinner you will still be able to get 10% off all future visits at all of our member restaurants.

Be a part of all of this for one annual payment of $50, see you at the next Taster’s Table Club dinner!

Max and Matt

Current Member Restaurants